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Boonoonoonous Hair! at Indian Summer Festival

Olive Senior reads from Anna Carries Water and Boonoonoonous! Hair at Canada’s Indian Summer Festival 🙂

The first reading starts at the 12 minute mark and the second at the 34 minute mark.

This is a special Saturday morning read-along session with some of Canada’s best loved children’s book authors. Join Olive Senior, Paul Yee, and Sirish Rao reading aloud from their books in this special 30-minute online event for children 3-6 years old. Kids will enter the fabulous world of Commonwealth Writer’s Prize-winning Jamaican writer Olive Senior’s books where they meet Jamila and her electric, kinetic, twirly, whirly, fuzzy, snappy Boonoonoonous hair. Governor General’s Literary Award-winning writer Paul Yee will take them to China to meet a farmer called Bamboo, and his wife Ming’s magical bamboo grove. ISF’s very own co-founder Sirish Rao introduces children to the quirky Indian artist Siena Baba in his Sunday Times Best Children’s Book ‘That’s How I See Things’.

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